Behind the beats

Quang (born as Quang Tran) is an electronic dance DJ and producer from Holland. His ear for music began to develop when he took piano lessons at a young age. Writing lyrics was the next thing he loved to do and soon he had a strong desire to create his own beats. It all began as an obsession, but Quang realized that creating and playing music is his way to express himself.

Inspired by many (Dutch) dance DJ’s and producers who made remixes and bootlegs of popular songs, Quang decided to make his own ones. He took songs from the likes of Swedish House Mafia and Chris Brown and gave his very own twist. He put it online and to his surprise it caught the attention of thousands of people from all over the world, including numerous blogs. This way he gained great exposure online and managed to build a steady and growing following.

Quang just started out in the dance scene, though he has already reached a few milestones in his career. In 2011 and 2013 he was invited to play a mix at Xone FM, the biggest hit music station in Vietnam with 10.5 million listeners nationwide. In Holland he already played in renowned clubs like Thalia Lounge in Rotterdam and Jimmy Woo, one of the most popular clubs in Amsterdam. While Quang is nowhere near he wants to be yet, he can’t wait to be part of the international dance scene.